Roselli Small Bead Rack

Roselli Small Bead Rack

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Small Bead Rack with 4 Bars 

This Small Bead Rack is designed for potters, jewelers and glass artists. It is ideal for smaller kilns or if you are limited with space. This rack allows you to easily glaze fire beads, pendants, buttons, etc. - without the worry of them sticking to your kiln shelf. The entire rack gets placed in the kiln with your glazed pieces on it.

This rack is made from two durable cast stoneware supports with four 6" long nichrome wires. The wires rest on grooves in the

rack, so they can be easily rearranged to accommodate different size pieces. The wires are heavy gauge metal and can withstand multiple firings.

The Small Bead Rack measures approximately 2" in height, approx. 5 inches long. 

Maximum firing temperature is Cone 10 (2350 F).