Kiln Wash Gallon
Kiln Wash Gallon

Kiln Wash Gallon

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Western Liquid Kiln Wash

Ready to apply! Kiln wash is designed to help stop glaze runs from penetrating and ruining your kiln shelf. (can be thinned with water if needed)
Clean off old or chipping existing kiln wash if possible. (if some remains it is OK)
Damp sponge all loose dust off kiln shelf so a clean as possible surface is ready for application.
Shake well, and brush on 2 to 3 coats with a wide brush. 
Allow coats to dry between application. Apply coats in alternating directions for the most even application.
Wipe off side edges of kiln shelf. Allow to dry completely before firing.
Available Pint or Gallon.
  • Works on all types of kiln shelf. 
  • Works in all types of kilns.
  • Fires to all kiln temps
  • Occasionally some flaking off of kiln wash is normal. (this is what helps glaze to not stick)
  • Reapply if needed in any bare spots
  • Can be painted on the tips of different stilts to help not stick.